Share custom pages filled with video, audio, images and text.

Choose from a range of interactive products.


We offer an eclectic mix of designs from international artists and a suite of handmade items to boot.


Design your page, share a variety of content, and craft a message that reflects your personal style.


Use our patented two-factor authentication mechanism to control access to your messages.

Our Products


The pixelated design in this collection take us back to the days of the Atari. Go retro and have some fun!


Every design in this collection was commissioned from an international artist and is letterpress printed with love.

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Make something
one of a kind.

Commision custom physical
items that unlock content for:

Friends & Family

Create personalized wedding invitations, giveaways, and other special mementos.

Customers & Fans

Commission branded gift items and merchandise designed to keep your audience engaged.

Transform your
customer's experiences

Offer them unique gifts from minwayn, a curated collective of independent talent from all around the world & create interactive touchpoints inside your retail locations using our personalized buttons.

Create Interactive Touchpoints

Add branded versions of our Bluetooth buttons to bring your space to life. Integrate them into retail displays and other physical touchpoints or give them away as gifts to deliver access to tailored content and engage your customers like never before.

Curated Product Collections

Commission a tailored ​suite of products, sourced from independent talent from around the world. Showcase a unique blend of art, design, and technology and cement your brand's reputation as a true pioneer of taste and innovation.

Content on Demand

Create interactive touchpoints that push exclusive content to your fanbase

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